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The World Bicycle Industry Association WBIA is a non-profit organization that was founded in December 2017 by the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI), the Bicycle Association Japan (BAJ), the Bicycle Products Suppliers Association (BPSA – now People for Bikes PFB) based in the US, and the Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA).

wbia members

CONEBI is the European association representing the Bicycle, the Electrically Power Assist Cycles and the Parts & Accessories Industries in Europe. CONEBI is a leading European association whose members are the national Bicycle Industry associations in the European Union. EU companies are members of the mentioned national Bicycle Industry associations.

CONEBI represents its Member associations before the EU and international institutions: this is done by maintaining regular contacts with European and International policy makers and regulatory authorities, as well as with other leading industry bodies and associations that pursue similar objectives.

Website: www.conebi.eu

The Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA) was founded on December 21st, 1992. It was established based on the mutual expectation of Taiwan’s bicycle industry; it creates new opportunity, builds consensus, and unifies counterparts for the industry to develop Taiwan as the global supply center of high-end bicycles. Besides, it continuously enhances innovation and serves global customers.

That “Think Cycling, Think Taiwan” impresses consumers. The Association is not only the industrial exchange platform but also the support for the growth and development of all partners.

Previewing the bicycle industry, our target is to shape the island of Taiwan into a Cycling island, and the efforts are three-faceted, including:

  1. Turn Taiwan into the global R&D, innovation, production, supply center for high-end bicycles;
  2. Build Taiwan into a cycling paradise, and continued to improve the riding environment and promote cycling culture;
  3. Build friendly cities, promote public bicycle systems, to reduce carbon emission and alleviate traffic congestion problem

Website: www.tba-cycling.org

People for Bikes with its Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA) Trade Association Committee is an association of suppliers of bicycles, parts, accessories and services in the United States of America (USA). The association leads industry initiatives in legal and governmental affairs and safety issues, is the leading resource for bicycle statistical data, and provides regular networking and educational forums for members.

Its goals are:

  • To provide the tools and resources that improve the efficiency and productivity of its members in the service they provide to the specialty bicycle retailer.
  • To provide programs benefiting its members and contributing to the understanding of their role in the industry.
  • To work with other industry groups and government entities for the benefit of our membership.

Website: www.peopleforbikes.org

The Bicycle Association Japan’s (BA Japan) goal is to contribute to creating a society in which bicycles can fully demonstrate their primary benefits—namely convenience, health and environmental friendliness—by vigorously promoting the manufacture, supply and sales of safe, environmentally friendly bicycles that provide a sense of security through the concerted efforts of manufacturers and distributors while at the same time widely championing the importance of bicycle maintenance, observing traffic rules and manners, and securing sufficient space for cyclists and other matters.

The BA Japan was founded on February 19th, 1948 and currently has 104 regular members and 232 supporting/special supporting members.

Its main activities are:

(1) Safety Measures

Ensuring bicycle safety is the most important task for all of us in the industry. The Associationʼs top priority is to raise the profile of its two mark certification systems (BAA and SBAA mark certification systems for general bicycles and sports bicycles respectively), which the Association manages as its core safety measures.

(2) Public Relations

       i) Public Relations for BAA Mark

       ii) Public Relations for SBAA Mark

3) Others

The Association hosts, sponsors and supports many different events for promoting the use and safety of bicycles, including Cycle Aid Japan, which aims to assist reconstruction efforts in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, in addition to encouraging the effective use of bicycles.

Website: http://www.jitensha-kyokai.jp/


All India Cycle Manufacturers’ Association (AICMA) was established in 1984 as a non – profit organisation under the Act at New Delhi. It’s an apex organisation of major Bicycle Manufacturers of India (more than 90 % share)

Roles and Responsibility:

Promotes interest of its Members
Champions noble cause of cycling in India and abroad
Advocates, catalyses and coordinates overall growth and development of the Bicycle value chain in India with the Governments & other stakeholders.
Acts as a Bicycle think – tank of India for spearheading innovation, transformation & global reforms
Facilitates building up of Bicycle friendly eco-system in India

AICMA’s Motto:

“All for cycling: cycles for all”

AICMA’s Slogan:

“We market core cycling benefits and marketing Bicycles is incidental for us”

Website: https://aicma.org 

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