WBIA Concludes General Assembly with Focus on Sustainability of global supply chains and continued involvement at the UN and WHO level

Switzerland, 26 July, 2023The World Bicycle Industry Association (WBIA) successfully concluded its annual General Assembly, where key stakeholders from the global bicycle industry associations gathered to discuss the ongoing industry developments and set strategic objectives for the future.

Chaired by WBIA President Erhard Büchel, the meeting took place on the 22nd of June at EUROBIKE 2023 in Frankfurt and resulted in a reinforced commitment to the work of WBIA at the UN level and the 10 Sustainability Principles agreed on at the 2023 Taipei Cycle Show.  

The General Assembly saw active participation from representatives of WBIA member associations, including the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI), Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA) Bicycle Association Japan (BAJ), All India Cycle Manufacturers Association (AICMA), and People for Bikes (USA).  

Taking stock of the fruitful event at the Taipei Cycle Show in March, the General Assembly agreed to strengthen the focus on the 10 sustainability principles i.e., effective data management, education, energy, circular economy, material consumption, eco-design, sustainable supply chains, focus on E-bikes, carbon offset projects and carbon footprint verification even further. There is a unique momentum for WBIA to take a leading role in coordinating the industry on global guidance regarding sustainable supply chains. Additionally, there was broad agreement to reach out to more global stakeholders and foster cooperation with associations that are not yet part of WBIA.

Collaborating on global sustainability initiatives during the WBIA General Assembly was an important exercise for our team at PeopleForBikes,” said Jenn Dice, President and CEO of PeopleForBikes. “Bringing back resources and processes to help our more than 300 industry members make progress on their sustainability goals will undoubtedly change the impact the bicycle industry has on our planet for the better.” she continued.

WBIA continues to be involved in different fora and projects at the UN level including the Pan-European Masterplan for Cycling Promotion, as well as on global technical regulations on vehicle-to-vehicle communication, for example, including the update on the UN blind spot information system to detect cyclists.

Furthermore, the Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA) proposed hosting the next WBIA General Assembly in Taipei during the 2024 Taipei Cycle Show, a motion that received unanimous support from the participants. Robert Wu, Chairman of TBA said: “Thank you WBIA for making this possible. It is our great honor to have this opportunity to host the WBIA General Assembly at the 2024 Taipei Cycle Show and with conscientious effort dedicated to ESG and Sustainability. Together we hope to contribute and move forward in a more innovative and visionary direction.”

Erhard Büchel, President of WBIA and CONEBI said: “The Bicycle Industry is dynamically developing – and it is as important as ever to look for global sustainability solutions. I am pleased to see such a high level of commitment from our members to the 10 sustainability principles, on which our future projects will be built. Moreover, I am pleased with the good work being done by WBIA at the UN level, representing our voice for the further growth of our industry at the global political level.

WBIA - General Assembly 2023